Check Out Our Range Of Ready-Made Curtains

Our Ready-Made Curtains

Here at Lace & Drapes Ltd. we are proud to stock an quality range of curtains to suit all styles! Our ready-made curtains all come in a range of designs and colours not limiting your options and also are available in a variety widths and lengths. We also offer an alteration service which is keenly priced but only on our own curtains.
We have a range of customizable ready-made curtains that can be made.


Here you can find a select range of our elegant drapes to order, so please take the time to look around and don’t forget you can view our full collection in store!


Eyelet Curtains are a contemporary header option that is available in a number of colours, fabrics and sizes. Their name stems from the header which features large metal rings which attach to the curtain pole. The curtains have much softer pleats due to the way they are attached to the pole which prevents creasing and ensures a more consistent aesthetic.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat curtains are the traditional standard for curtains and feature a 3" tape heading. This is used to suit any type of track or pole, making them very versitile for whatever setting you may wish to use them in. The pleats can be grouped together or spaced out to provide your desired effect.